Nice Wheels! The new Caribee Fast Track 75 Hybrid Travel Pack

Nice Wheels! The new Caribee Fast Track 75 Hybrid Travel Pack

What is it? 

The Caribee Fast Track 75 is a hybrid backpack, meaning that it can be wheeled or carried, depending on what you need. Basically a rucksack with wheels and a detachable daypack. The popular pack has just been redesigned to improve it and add some new features. It has been engineered to be both versatile and lightweight, using aluminium for the integrated trolley system to preserve that precious luggage allowance.

Who is the brand? 

Caribee is Australia’s No.1 backpack brand, which has just been relaunched here in the UK. Given that Australian’s are major global travellers and that Caribee have been around for over 20 years, their products must be doing something right. 

What’s it really like?

The pack overall feels well-made with heavy duty wheels, grab handles and zippers. It's surprisingly lightweight too; considering the extra weight from the trolley system and day pack. We really love that the main compartment is side opening as it makes life so much easier when packing and unpacking on the go. The extra features we liked were the separate shoe or laundry compartment and all of the different internal zippered compartments and pockets. There is also a handy detachable toiletry pouch included, but that’s more of an added bonus than a reason to buy. Unlike some of the other hybrid backpacks around, the detachable day pack on the Caribee is a solid pack in its own right. It's 15 litres and has a number of pockets and zippered compartments: perfect for carrying around your laptop and essentials. We love that it attaches to the main bag by clips, rather than a zipper. In our experience zipping a daypack onto your bulging backpack can be a nightmare and it just ends up inevitably breaking. Having a few easy clips seems like a much better idea. The only thing we would say that’s missing is an integrated waterproof cover, though this could be added cheaply and stored in the base.

Is it for me?

If you need shed loads of space and a pack with wheels and need the versatility of having comfortable carrying straps: then definitely YES, this is the pack for you. Most travelling trips these days are pretty well trodden, so there should be plenty of opportunity to put those wheels to the test. However, if you’re planning a more adventurous trip and intend on carrying your case most of the time, then we would say stick with a traditional pack. As carrying around an integrated trolley system that will only get used at the airport could be a waste of precious weight and space.

How would you rate it?

The best 2-in-1 wheeled rucksack around!

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