Clean Living! We Review The Grayl Ultralight Water Filter

Clean Living! We Review The Grayl Ultralight Water Filter

What is it? 

It is the world most compact and lightweight water filter. It's fast and easy to use, producing clean, purified water in 15 seconds using almost any water source anytime, anywhere. Simply fill with contaminated water, press through the filter and drink...viola..clean water!

Who is the brand? 

Grayl started out with the ambition to create the world’s best water filter and after 4 years of design, its founders decided it was ready for the rest of the world to have. Launching on Kicktarter, Grayl became one of the platforms best success stories raising over $220,000 from their target of only $25,000. The brand continues with their ambition to bring clean water to everyone, everywhere!

What’s it really like?

The story is great, the bottle looks cool, but does it really do what it claims? We have used one in the office for the past week, and at on a recent hiking trip when we tested it on water from a nearby river. We are yet to test it on toilet water, but I’m assured that it would still be ok! First of all, it’s unbelievably simple to use. Just fill the bottle, push the filter down and its done. We had been expecting some sediment or a funny taste, but neither were there. According to Grayl, the filter should clean at least 150 litres of water. After using it for just one week and for the hiking weekend, I’m sure we are nowhere near the limit, but it's quality and taste doesn’t seem to be letting up the more its used. We loved how lightweight it is, which makes it ideal for travelling, camping or hiking.

Is it for me?

Grayl is for anyone that needs access to clean water where there’s none available. That could be whilst travelling to a country with a questionable national water supply, or whilst off on a camping or trekking adventure. In any of these cases it seems Grayl would always come in handy and could even replace your existing water bottle to save on space. It’s probably a bit too high tech for drinking tap water at home and we would recommend sticking with your current water filter for this.

How would you rate it?

The best all round portable water filter 

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