Travel Adaptor Buying Guide

Travel Adaptor Buying Guide

Travel Adaptor Buying Guide

If you're travelling outside the UK you will need a travel adaptor in order to use any electronic devices. This excludes some countries, such as: Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, who all use the same connections as the UK. There are 7 different types of plug types currently in use around the world, so it can get pretty confusing. Additionally, some countries use different voltages, making difficult to know which adaptor to bring with you. Here at we are here to help you choose the right adaptor for your trip.

The 7 most common plug types around the world:

Power & Voltage Adaptors

There are different types of electrical power used around the world. Most countries either run on 110/125v or 220/240v. Generally speaking, North American countries run 110/125v and the rest of the world uses 220/240v (there can be exceptions to this). 

This is important as if you plan to use higher voltage devices such as hair dryers and straighteners you may need a voltage converter. You should check each device before you travel and ensure you are adequately prepared before you set off. You really don’t want to have to throw away those GHD’s or that electric razor. Most devices will have a small label affixed to the plug that will tell you exactly what voltage your device needs.

Single Voltage (100-120v)

Devices with this a lower voltage will now be able to handle the increased voltage in other countries and would require a voltage convertor for use.

Single Voltage (220-240v)

UK devices with a 220-240v will be able to be used with any voltage country (110-240v), however in countries where the voltage is 100/110/120v, it may not be powerful enough to use or charge the device. This is typical of higher voltage demanding appliances, such as electric toothbrushes, hairdryers etc.

Dual Voltage (100-240v)

If your appliance is dual voltage, this effectively means that it can be used worldwide, without the need for a convertor. It is common for new devices to have this feature.

Voltage by Country:

Argentina: 220v, Australia: 240v, Brazil: 110-220v, Canada: 120v, Chile: 220v, China: 220v, Ghana: 230v, India: 230v, Japan: 100v, Kenya: 240v, Laos: 230v, Mexico: 127v, Nepal: 230v, New Zealand: 230v, Peru: 220v, South Africa: 220-230v, Thailand: 220v, Vietnam: 220v

Universal Travel Adaptors 

We recommend using a Pantone Worldwide Travel Adaptor. Not only do they look great in brightly coloured pantone colours, but they are compact, versatile and sturdy. Covering over 150 countries, they are guaranteed to cover most off your future trips. What makes these the bets travel adaptors around are the 2 x USB outputs built in to the adaptor. This means you can charge up to three devices at once, meaning you can travel with just one plug!

Pantone Worldwide Travel AdaptorUniversal Travel Adaptor Aqua

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