Take your Yoga anywhere, we review the Yogo Ultralight Yoga mat

Take your Yoga anywhere, we review the Yogo Ultralight Yoga mat

What is it? 

The Yogo ultralight claims to be the world's best travel yoga mat. It's light, compact and made form high-quality eco-friendly natural rubber. It has integrated carry straps and available in plum, forest green or charcoal.

Who is the brand

Yogo was created by a group of Yoga and travel enthusiasts frustrated by their inability to find a quality, compact, yoga mat that they could take with them on their travels. They put their heads together to create a portable, convenient mat that was both high-quality and sustainably-made. As part of the eco-friendly nature of the brand, Yogo will plant a tree in Latin America for every Yoga mat sold. Nice!

What’s it really like?

On first impressions the mat is really compact when folded, about the size of a folded newspaper; certainly small enough to fit in most backpacks or handbags. We love the carry straps and could see how these would come in handy for attaching to a backpack whilst on the move. Whilst we expected some challenges with folding, it turns out it's incredibly easy and folds out and back to the carrying position without any effort. The rubber material enables it to be sticky and non-slip which is essential in a good quality mat. By using natural rubber the Yogo is easy to wipe clean or wash after those sweaty Bikram sessions. The mat has enough padding for Yoga, though it may not be the most comfortable mat for Pilates, where more padded mats are generally used. 

Yogo Ultralight Yoga Mat Plum

Yogo Ultralight Yoga Mat Plum

Is it for me?

The Yogo is for those who want a high quality, long lasting Yoga mat that can be easily cleaned. It's added benefits such as the carry straps, compact and lightweight design mean it's for those who want to keep their mat in their bag and take their Yoga anywhere. So if you're passionate about Yoga then this is the mat for you. If you're only a part-time yogi, then we suggest sticking with your foam mat or use the studio mats. 

How do we rate it?

It's compact lightweight and packed full of features you can't get in other mats and eco-friendly. What more could you want? 

RRP £65 Available at: truelatitude.com/yogo

Yogo Ultralight Yoga Mat Plum


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