Top 5 Products For Hiding Money While Travelling

Top 5 Products For Hiding Money While Travelling

Losing your wallet or purse or having your valuables stolen has the potential to ruin any trip. Luckily here at True Latitude we have a range of anti-theft products that will keep your valuables secure, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your trip. See below our five favourite security products:

 Anti-theft Backpack

PacSafe anti-theft backpacks are designed to keep all of your valuables and gear secure while you travel. With pop-off easy lock straps, and secure smart zipper locks even the best pickpockets will be left baffled. PacSafe backpacks also have built in RFID blocking pockets to prevent scanning of your credit cards or passport. Made from built in anti-slash guard material they also prevent against cut & run thefts. All of this built into a well-designed, quality, great-looking pack that every safety-conscious traveller or commuter should have.

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 Money belt

Keep you cash and cards hidden whilst out and about. The Cashsafe 25 money belt from PacSafe features stretch fabric that can even fit your phone or passport.

PacSafe Money Belt


 Bra Stash

One for the girls! A secret stash pouch will sit comfortably onto the front of most bras. The bra stash form PacSafe is made from ultra-soft touch material and has an easy access snap button closure.


PacSafe Bra Stash


 Pouch Stash

If you want easy access to your valuables but still want to keep them hidden and secure then we recommend a waist pouch stash. PacSafe also have a waist pouch that is slash-resistant with a built in RFID blocking pocking. Perfect for keeping your passport, cash, credit cards and phone secure, yet easily accessible.

PacSafe Pouch Stash

 Emergency Cash Stash

With the Emergency Cash Stash key-chain you can store one bill, giving you peace of mind that no matter what happens you have an emergency stash for getting a taxi back to your hotel or hostel.


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