Our Favourite Travel Bloggers 2018

Our Favourite Travel Bloggers 2018

Along Dusty Roads 

Along Dusty Roads Travel Blog

The award winning blog is a firm favourite of the founders of truelatitude.com as it pretty much navigated their entire trip around Latin America. The blog is run by Andrew and Emily, who carefully curate quality original content and match it with top notch photography, showcasing their trips in a stunning and incredibly insightful way. They have just launched a new monthly newsletter 'The Constantly Curious' which we recommend checking out. 

Best for: Latin America travel advice, quality photography

Check it out: alongdustyroads.com

Two Scots Abroad

Two Scots Abroad Travel Blog

Gemma & Craig give insight into their world as they travel around the America's and Europe. Their practical planning and budgeting advice shows you how to have a good time whilst not breaking the bank. The blog is also packed full of travel information, where even seasoned travel pros could pick up a few tips. Its easy to see why its been picked up by other international publications such as the Huffington Post. 

Best for: South by South West festival guide, how to have serious fun on a budget

Check it out: twoscotsabroad.com

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt Travel Blog

Nomadic Matt is the internets most popular travel blogger with over 1 million people reading his blog each month. Having travelled to an impressive number of countries and destinations he is now using his knowledge and experiences to develop his own range of travel books and destination guides. No other travel blogger website even comes close to offering the wealth of information, advice and in-depth destination knowledge that Matt does. 

Best for: Overall travel advice, budget planning

Check it out: nomadicmatt.com

Dan Flying Solo

Dan Flying Solo Travel Blog

Dan has been travelling the world solo for 3 years and visited over 50 countries. His passion for photography gives you an incredible insight into the countries he visits. His travel blogs are some of the most accomplished travel reviews we have read and are packed full of detailed destination advice. What makes Dan's blog stand out is the selection of travel videos he has to share. Each one of of the destination videos is beautifully shot and again gives the reader insight into each of these amazing places. 

Best for: destination videos, travel photography 

Check it out: danflyingsolo.com

Indie Traveller

Indie Traveller Travel Blog

Marek travelled non-stop for two years through South East Asia and Latin America, sharing his experiences along the way via his hugely successful blog. Having now written a book on 'how to travel the world without worries' he has become an authority on long-term budget travel advice. We loved Marek's piece '91 weird and wonderful lessons from travelling for 2 years', it is packed full of insight into what its really like to travel long-term and we recommend anyone considering this type of travelling to give it a read.

Best for: travelling on a budget, long-term travel insight

Check it out: indietraveller.com

The Savvy Backpacker

The Savvy Backpackers Travel Blog

Susan and James are a husband and wife team that share their European travel experiences via their very accomplished blog. They also travel with their dog Henry too! They have created 16 detailed and highly insightful European city guides that could rival any printed travel guide for informative guidance and destination advice. Reviews of travel gear, packing tips and technology advice are all included also to make up for an all-round top quality travel blog. Lets hope they take their travels and the dog beyond Europe someday! 

Best for: detailed European travel advice, Travelling with a dog advice

Check it out: thesavvybackpacker.com

Oneika the traveller

Oneika the traveller Travel blog

Oneika has travelled to over 100 countries across 6 continents. Her award winning travel blog has propelled her to become an accomplished media journalist, a presenter of two travel shows an an in-house TV show travel expert. The blog is packed full of detailed travel advice from each of those visited countries, along with a number of interesting articles on style and life advice. Oneika has also successfully used her profile and blog to challenge some tough, yet interesting and important issues that are rarely discussed in the travel world. Topics such as 'are Russians racist towards black travellers' and 'are travel blogs a form of propaganda' are some samples of the range of diverse subjects covered. It really is one of the most varied and interesting blogs online. 

Best for: 100 destinations to choose form for advice, travelling while black

Check it out: oneikathetraveller.com

Where is Tara  

Where is Tara Travel Blog

Tara is a Kiwi/Irish traveller with a refreshingly honest outlook on the destinations she visits and is certainly not afraid to tell it how it is. Having travelled throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas, Tara has collected some unique experiences that are well worth reading. Also worth checking out is the health and lifestyle section. Everybody knows the struggles of staying fit, healthy and looking good while you travel; luckily Tara is here to help and has a lots of advice on these subjects too.

Best for: Ireland travel advice, tips for healthy eating & looking good 

Check it out: whereistara.com

Alex in Wanderland

Alex in Wanderland Travel Blog

Alex has been living the life of nomad for over five years and has documented her journey though her brilliantly titled blog. The blog is packed full of travel advice, destination info and travel lifestyle experiences; but it is how Alex has presented all of this is truly amazing. You can tell that she was an art student, as we think it is by far the best looking travel blog there is! 

Best for: stunning photography & advice presented beautifully 

Check it out: alexinwanderland.com

Tony the Traveller

Tony the traveller travel blog

Tony Giles is the most inspirational traveller and blog writer we have ever come across. He is completely blind and 80% deaf on both ears, yet he has travelled to more places than most of the other bloggers on this list. He has published two e-books to showcase his adventures and give an insight into how he views the countries he visits. Having recently been featured on the BBC Travel Show and various international media outlets, his story is being told around the world. And rightly so....a true inspiration to us all! 

Best for: Inspiration for those who make excuses not to travel 

Check it out: Tonythetraveller.com

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