The Grayl ultralight water purifier is designed for travellers and outdoor adventurers that need a reliable easy access solution to clean water. The ultralight is designed for the minimalist, to be lightweight yet have the performance and quality of a premium water filtration bottle. An efficient and convenient solution to clean water on the go! Just Fill, Press & Drink!

The Grayl brand started out as a Kickstarter mission to create the world's best portable water filter. Weighing in at only 300g and able to cleanse half a litre of even the most contaminated water in under 15 seconds; we think it is safe to say they achieved that goal. The replaceable filter is good for up to 300 uses, which is 150 Litres of clean, fresh water. Why lug around heavy water bottles or waste money on environmentally damaging single use bottles, when you could save money and help protect the environment with a Grayl ultralight. Its more than just a quirky gadget, its an essential piece of gear for any travel, camping or adventure enthusiast.