Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier - Green

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Travelling somewhere remote? Setting off on a long hike? Never run out of safe-to-drink water again! This water purifier from Grayl is the "world's most advanced  portable purification & filtration bottle" and lets you purify water anywhere. Perfect for any outdoor adventure, just FILL, PRESS & DRINK. 

Whether you're filling up at a sketchy hotel sink in Peru, on a remote trail needing to drink from a dirty stream, the Ultralight has you covered. 


  • Full-spectrum protection against pathogens (viruses, bacteria, and protozoa), particulates, chemicals and heavy metals
  • Ultralight design weighing only 300g, making it perfect for travelling 
  • Integrated attachment loop, making it easy to clip to your backpack 
  • Transparent design, great for seeing your newly purified water
  • Fast and easy to use, takes just 15 seconds with only one press
  • Available in colours: Orange, Black, Green or Blue


  • Size: 24.5 x 7.3cm 
  • Weight: 309g 
  • Capacity: 473ml 
  • Colour: Green
  • Replacement filter lasts for 300 uses (approx 150L of clean water)

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